It’s clearly worth it, so let’s make it more accessible…

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Admittedly my first post was unnecessarily verbose, in the sense that it went on and on and clouded my main point.  Let’s give it another shot.

My main point:

By going through the steps required to ensure a higher quality of life, we are actually increasing the risk of having a lower quality of life.  The level to which this is a risk is dependent on many things, but ultimately obtaining an education should not come with adverse risks.  There they are, though, brought to you hand-delivered – wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper and topped with a bow – by the United States federal government and their counterparts in the financial sector.

It’s true that everything has risks.  When I go running a risk exists that I will be hit by a car, break my ankle, have a heart attack, or one many other things.  So, sure, it’s not inherently terrible that by going to college you are faced with a potential chance of downfall.  The difference, however, is that were I to be hit by a car it will most certainly have been an accident.  It’s doubtful that the President of the United States, with Congress and Wall Street, will have paid someone to drive a car down my running route, told them the time of day I go running, and said to them “do your worst.”

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When a house is on fire, you put the fire out and look for the source afterwards.  Contrarily, when the fire has yet to break, but smoke can be seen, you look for and extinguish the cause to prevent a massive spread of flames.  This country has just gone through a fire that spread from coast to coast, and it seems apparent that we will be surrounded by smoke for some time to come.  The problem is that government and politicians all too often ignore the smoke and wait for a fire before deciding to act, leaving countless people left to burn.  While this fire is, arguably, temporarily extinguished, let us find the source of the next major outburst and stop it from igniting.  Student loans are this country’s next domestic albatross, and unless actions are taken soon we will find ourselves back in the same place we have been in over these past two years.

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