What direction do you want to see Massachusetts going?  We continue to lead the nation in economic output, job growth, green energy, and education.  In an economic situation like the one we’ve been in for the past two years, every state is doing terribly.  Believe it or not, Massachusetts has weathered this storm better than almost any other state.

This election will decide locally:

  • Governor
  • Treasurer
  • Auditor
  • State House
  • State Senate
  • MA Sales Tax
  • MA Liquor Tax
  • Affordable Housing Laws

This election will decide nationally:

  • Leadership of the House of Representatives
  • Senate Majority Leader
  • The president’s ability to progress his agenda
  • Republican’s inability to govern

After six years of a republican president, republican HoR, and a republican Senate, our economy was steered into the worst situation in 70 years.  For two years the democrats had a majority in congress, but not enough votes to pass legislation and a president that would exercise his right to veto.

For the past two years we have had a democratic president, a democratic HoR, and a democratic Senate.  Because change hasn’t happened as quickly as people would like, the outcome of today could possibly take us backwards.

It astonishes me that people’s reaction to a sluggish economy is to vote in the people that embrace the policy’s that brought about this economic catastrophe.  If you think we need progress – progress away from tax cuts for the wealthy and a disregard for the middle class – please do not vote in the people that want to bring that back.

I’m not saying vote purely democrat, but please weigh your options and understand where the candidate stands.  Ask yourself:

Has what this candidate been saying been tried before?  If so, has it worked?

Is what this candidate saying potentially bad for human progress?

Ask yourself those questions, and then vote with a clear head and a clear heart.


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